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Why does math get such a bad rap?

Have you ever considered why kids struggle with math? Is there really such a thing as a math gene. If you are born with a math gene, you are lucky. You get to be successful in math for your entire life. You will understand math from the moment you enter school without much difficulty. You will score well on your tests and quizzes and be the envy of all of your friends. Just like one of my favorite movie characters, Will Hunting(from Good Will Hunting, 1997), you will "just be able to play!" And if you are unlucky enough to be born without this most precious gene? According to society, you are doomed to struggle through math in school forever! Why has this become to norm for our society? I don't believe in the math gene. Given the right environment, anyone can not only learn math but love math! A math community is the start!

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