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Who do we need to focus on when we focus on equity?

More on equity this week. I think so many educators think that equity only has to do with students of different races. Equity includes all marginalized students. Students with disabilities, students from impoverished homes, gender, and students from homes without stability. Marginalized students are the ones who need the most assistance. If we truly are to help all students love mathematics we must be willing to reach out to any and all students. I had another educator tell me that he thought it was the job of the school, district, or education department to deal with equity and not the job of educators in the general public. I could not disagree more. We cannot shy away from these opportunities and only want to teach students who understand and already love mathematics. Those of us who are educators have a responsibility to work with all students.

I love the quote below from writer Brene Brown.

“We must be guardians of a space that allows students to breathe and be curious and explore the world and be who they are without suffocation.” ~Brene Brown 2018

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