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What is a math community?

What is a math community? Well, in this time of COVID, a math community has taken on a whole new definition. Prior to COVID, a math community was not just a classroom full of students and a teacher.

A math community is meant to look like any other community in the world. A place where people come together for a common goal and support each other in reaching that goal. That goal in a math community is the success of every student.

If every student in our math community could see the meaning of mathematics and find the love of math, we will have reached our goal.

How can we create that same community feeling when we have to see everyone in our community on the screen of our computer and not in person? It is definitely different and more challenging, but a start is communication.

We can still communicate with the people we come in contact with through virtual conversations. In a "classroom" setting we can still discuss strategies and solutions and through pictures and video, see how our peers are solving problems. We must not be afraid to try new things no matter how crazy they sound. The last 6 months have certainly shown that the world is a little into crazy!!

Good luck to everyone already back teaching and to those of us starting back this week. It's going to be interesting!

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